Ang Aming Parol! (Our Own Parol!)

Parol Parade from Public Matters on Vimeo.

My Parol Lit Up!!!

That's an expression of joy from Norman Villegas, who made this beautiful parol. His work shows that lighted parol enhances the spirit of Christmas in the home.

 This lighted parol symbolizes the light of Jesus which brings peace, joy and prosperity.

Christmas 2009

These parols were shown at the Hayward Area Historical Society Museum in Hayward, California as part of "Celebrations: Cultures in Harmony," which also showed displays on the Chinese New Year, India's Dewali, Mexico's LAs Posadas, Kwanzaa, and Hannukah. They were all made of bamboo, tissue paper; tinsel and glitter. Submitted by: Danny Galang, Environmental Specialist, City of Hayward, California.

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