We Give Gifts...

  • To show thoughtfulness, love and affection. A simple gift that comes sincerely from the heart will certainly be accepted. It will create closeness with the man or woman that you love.
  • To welcome the arrival of a new baby, a member of the family, or a new colleague.
  • To present a gift of laughter. Imagine the smile and laughter of the recipient. Your gift would bring joy and uplift the spirit of the recipient.
  • To show cross-cultural understanding. Gifts given to persons from cultures other than your own bring peace and understanding of one another.
  • To sincerely express thanksgiving. We thank God for his perfect gift of life; for the blessings that we have received and will receive in the future; and most of all, for God's greatest gift to mankind, the gift of love and new life, who is our Lord Jesus Christ.
  • Gift-giving is a form of prayer; it is a symbol of love, joy, affection, peace, appreciation and thoughtfulness. When we exchange gifts, God blesses both the giver and the receiver of gifts.
  • Gift Ideas