7 Great Reasons for Making Your Own Parol

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There is nothing more fulfilling during Christmas than making your own parol. Why make it, instead of buying one? We offer the following reasons:

1. It becomes your own creation.

When you make your own parol, you embark on a creative journey which begins with the conceptualization of your design, and ends with appreciation of what you did. In order to accomplish any particular project, there is the planning stage, the implementation stage, the evaluation stage and then the ending or conclusion of the project. This is how you create things. And what better way to start than with your own parol. At the end of this project, when you hang one yourself, you know that it is entirely your own creation - from beginning to end, from concept to conclusion.

2. It builds discipline.

Making a parol is easier than you think, especially if you know how. If you don't know how, then you have to go through various steps in order to finish what you’ve started; and that takes discipline. Some people get easily frustrated when they do even the simplest things. Patience and discipline builds character. Making your own parol allows you to reflect on yourself, and see how you deal with challenges, albeit a small one like this.

3. It enhances creativity.

Creativity is about producing new ideas or combining old ideas to come up with a new thing or a unique way. It is our imagination that works as we go through a creative process from the development of an idea or vision, to a description of our thoughts, and to activities that lead to something that we could grasp and claim as our own creation. The words "creativity" and "innovation" are often used interchangeably. One important outcome of this exercise might be to show someone how to get rid of what are called "mindtraps," which are fixed illusions, perspectives and assumptions that stop us from breaking from a problem. As an aside, please read a nice story about The Six Blind Men and the Elephant, which illustrates how we tend to get fixed on certain perspectives.

4. Making a parol is inexpensive.

Ready-made parols are understandably more expensive because their makers put in proportionate time, money, and effort in making them. Making your own parol using the kit that we offer here is definitely a less expensive option.

5. Making a parol builds closeness.

Many Filipinos make parol-making a family affair. The parents guide the children on how to make and decorate one, based on their own experiences. Consequently, the interplay encourages bonding and memorable moments with the family. We encourage you to solicit ideas and suggestions from each member of the family, regardless of age or position, on how to go about making your parol.

6. It is an offering to God.

An offering is a dedication of something that is pleasing to God. The Holy Bible talks about many kinds of offerings. Here, your parol offering will have tremendous spiritual power because God literally cannot resist an offering and will definitely reward those who sow offerings. Making a parol is a spiritual experience; it is an act of sacrifice. It is said that you don't simply "hang" a parol; you "dedicate" it.

7. Contribute your God-given gifts of talents.

Each one of us is bestowed with gifts, and we must use them. Parol-making is an endeavor that allows us to utilize and let others benefit from those gifts. Reflect on how you can use those skills. First test your knowledge and understanding about Jesus, his historical life and his spiritual life. What are His important teachings? What message does He bring? How important are those to you? Bring all your thoughts together and then discuss Jesus and/or Christmas with your family friends, relatives and neighbors. The Holy Spirit will tell you how your skills will be put to good use. Perhaps you can come up with a slogan, a word, a design or artwork that reflects the results of your discussions. Do it, you will be surprised of the results.

Making your own parol this Christmas will capture the essence of the true Filipino Christmas. Show your children the meaning of Pasko, and hang one or more of your own parols by the windows. God will be glorified by it.